Days in the Country sm will bring together the users of the land with the conservers of the land in a fun atmosphere of participation and learning. This innovative event will be held annually. When it is established it will be taken to communities throughout the United States.

There will be exhibitions, displays, and interactive events, including a major consumer fair of more than 400 booths of products connected with outdoor recreation and country life.

Over twenty activity "villages" encompassing more than eighty outdoor recreational pursuits will be created. Around each of these will be located the conservation and educational booths relevant to the theme of the "village". Click Here For More Information

Every day will offer in the more than twenty Activity "Villages" outdoor country sports displays, exhibitions and participatory events show-casing country life.

Each day will also be given special focus such as:

School Children's Day in the Country
Land Conservers' and Land Users' Day in the Country
Family Day in the Country
A Sporting Day in the Country
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We all have a stake in the preservation of the great outdoors, but the corporate benefits of utilizing this opportunity to align products with our environment are immeasurable.

Sponsors can be seen as leaders in environmental education and corporations will be able to reach a large targeted audience throughout the nation. The site along with the demonstrations, exhibitions, participatory events and signage will be ideal for television, thereby offering cost efficient exposure to a wide audience.